Por*Ass Podcast Presents:

People I want to Interview

The Anti “Rags to Riches” Podcast featuring actors, comics, musicians, and real people.

Content is 18+, sometimes rated R, the subject matter is meant to stir conversation and provide a platform to speak on topics not usually talked about.


Ep 1 - Nina G.

Nina G. is a comedian, professional speaker, storyteller, writer and educator. She brings her humor to help people with understanding Disability culture, access, and empowerment. We met when we students at San Francisco Comedy College 10 yrs ago. We talked about her upcoming new book Stutter Interrupted: The Comedian Who Almost Didn’t Happen along with politics and being a woman in Comedy.

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Ep 4 - Enzo Lombard

Artist, Performer, and Author of Louisiana Fairytales. We’ve been Facebook friends for over ten years, but we never met until I flew down to SF from PDX to interview him at his SF apartment the week before Pride. I started following his facebook posts more when he accidentally fell into vacation rentals. I affectionally titled his posts as “SideHustle with Enzo Lombard”. Each post read like a TV show. Enzo created a fantastic sustainable business model that employers should be paying attention to. He’s also got a new solo performance show in the works— Louisiana Fairytales which is the sequel to Love Humiliation in Karaoke. Intro Music Inappropriate Things - Train Tracks available on iTunes.


EP 2 - TJ Fortuna

In 2010, It started out as just another personal trainer that I would meet weekly. During a breakup in 2011, the few joys at the time were training sessions with TJ and my 12 step recovery. He gave me the space I needed to cry as I did burbies, crunches, to help process my hurt. His approach is more than just “Looking Good”. We talk about Health and Fitness resources for low income and underserved populations. Follow him on Instagram @tjfortuna

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Ep 5 -Jonathan Ritter

Bay Area Film Maker Jonathan Ritter Director of Throw The Ball and Run. We chat about Film making on a budget and the freedom of creativity while in Recovery.

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Ep 3 - Mark Roman

Actor, Busker, Heroteer and Host of The Mark Roman Empire Also A Podcast. We talk about Creativity, the horrors of Capitalism and its relation to art and creativity and his adamant refusal to never step in an office to support his livelihood as an artist. It’s been over 10 yrs since we last saw each other. We started out as comics. I continued the comedy path while Mark went on the actor path. Which led him to LA-Las Vegas-LA. That is where this podcast starts.

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Ep 6 -Joe Klocek

This episode topic: Rehab on a Budget. It’s been 4 years since we last spoke. We got to catch up on stuff. A Big thank you to the Shari Carlson Studio for the use of the studio to record this episode.

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The sober show


Leave Your Triggers At The Door

Thank you to everyone who performed and attended Sober Shows for 2018! We had a really great series of shows that offered the Portland Recovery Community a performance space for musicians and comedians to showcase their art and allow free expression when it comes to processing our recovery. For 2019 we’ll be going on Hiatus while I work on my movie & Podcast. I’ll still be accepting talent submissions to add to the roster for consideration for future shows once we are back on-line. follow us on Instagram and Twitter for upcoming show dates. Happy Recovery everyone! There is hope!

In Recovery One Day At A Time,

Veronica Porras

Name *

How Do I Get Booked & things to Keep in mind:

1. Performers in recovery long timers and New Comers welcome. Im also looking for performers who are recovering from being affected from a loved ones problem drinking or drug use. This includes recovery at the spiritual, emotional, physical level for example Eating/Mental disorders as a result of addiction/alcoholism or being affected by addiction/alcoholism. Content is 18+ Rated R. 

SUBMIT A 3-5 MIN CLIP OF YOUR ACT. If you don't have a clip, email me for an audition spot on a upcoming show.

Comedian Submissions - Jokes are Recovery Based

Musicians Submissions - No Covers. Original content only. Recovery Based. Songs based on your recovery experience. Acoustic sets, solo performers. If you have a FULL band, I can accommodate max 2-3 performers on the stage area. It depends on the act get in touch with me on what you want to do if you have a large band.

Magicians - Tricks & Illusions based on your recovery experience. No Fire, knifes, sharp objects, juggling limited to balls

3. Content 18+ rated R and recovery based. No stripping, No Mic Dropping during acts. The AV equipment is borrowed and I would like to keep using it. Respect the venue, other performers and audience. Sometimes the Musical headliner may bring their own equipment. Respect of another person’s equipment is expected at all times!

4. If you have Merch, feel free to bring it to sell. 

5. What if I relapse? Can I still be part of the show?

 This disease is cunning, baffling and powerful. I can give you numbers of performers in recovery that you can talk to. Your drinking and using and relapse is none of my business, but I have to practice my program as well as a person who is a friend and affected by someone’s problem drinking and using. Emotional, Spiritual, & Physical Safety takes priority. Get the help you need. 

6. I stopped Drinking, but I smoke weed can I still be on the show?

Good Question. Sober Show does not endorse or condone how a Sober Show Performer on the Talent roster processes their personal recovery. We are all doing our best and Sober Show does not keep track or make sure of the performers sobriety. If a relapse happens or addiction/alcoholic behavior compromises the integrity of the show I will listen to your side of what happen and I’ll speak my truth. My decision is final. Safety, emotional, & spiritual principles take precedence above personalities. Get the help that you need. You can always come back to Sober Show. The primary focus is recovery consider that the audience is primarily in recovery, looking for recovery, looking for Sober and clean entertainment venues. An Audience member may stop drinking & still be smoking weed or taking pills but to have that as a Sober Show Performer within the context of the show, I can’t permit that. You are welcome to be an audience member. 

7. Getting Paid. Paid spots are for Headliner and Host. Out of Town Performers outside of Portland City Limits get gas money. Please refrain from sharing with other performers or posting on social media how much you are getting paid. Thanks! 



The Sober Show is in need of Magicians in recovery to be added to our talent roster. Contact Veronica Porras Booker at sobershow AT gmail DOT com. Thanks!! 

magican cards.jpeg

We would love to have

you on our show.

Any magician with a recovery based set or looking for a venue to hone your recovery magician act. Sober Show is the place to do it.


Attention LGBT, POC & Women!

If you are a performer living in the Portland,OR Area or comic in NW area (OR, WA) in recovery and identify as LGBT, POC, or a woman. Looking to add you to the Sober Show Talent Roster. Email sobershow @ gmail DOT com to apply.

This Showcase features performers in Recovery - We shocase Comedy. Magic. Music. VeeComedy, performers, or anyone involved in the production of The Sober Show are not responsible for your triggers. We understand that some subject matter can stir up emotions, feelings, memories, ect. This is completely normal and part of the healing process. Please take care of yourself and step out of the room if it becomes too much. Any form of Hate Mail, back handed complements, harassment, ect. will not be tolerated. Our hope as performers, is to entertain, speak our truth, and provide a sober venue to entertain the PDX recovery community. No Refunds. Thanks!!