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Aug. 30, 2021

#49 - Shaan Sharma - Holding Space for the Opposition

#49 - Shaan Sharma - Holding Space for the Opposition

How do you advocate for systematic changes in a voluntary organization when facing difficult personalities, Status Quo Leadership, lip service, bureaucracy, and red tape? How do you filter out the background noise and focus on what's important?

Shaan Sharma is an Actor, a member of SOLIDARITY (a grassroots SAG-AFTRA education group) and SAG-AFTRA LA Local Board Member. Shaan and I get candid about the underbelly of volunteer service. 

**DISCLAIMER** - Shaan and I speak strictly from our own experience and are not speaking for our respective organizations. The episode is not about blaming or throwing personal slanders to current leadership.   

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**CORRECTIONS** - I say that I have been in recovery for 60 years. I meant to say 16 yrs. 

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Shaan Sharma

Actor / Educator / Union Leader / Writer

Shaan Sharma is a working actor, SAG-AFTRA union leader, acting educator, writer, and casting professional. Shaan is currently acting on the TV show "The Chosen" playing Shmuel (thechosen.tv), Founder of The Storytellers Conservatory, an on-camera acting studio (storytellersconservatory.com), a proud member of SOLIDARITY, a grassroots SAG-AFTRA education group (solidarity.us), and spent more than a decade working as a casting session director with over 45 of the top commercial casting directors in Los Angeles. Shaan is also the author of the book and audiobook, “Commercial Acting in LA: A Session Director’s Guide.”