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Jan. 27, 2022

#57 - Black Thot On A Budget - Zorba Jevon Hughes

#57 - Black Thot On A Budget - Zorba Jevon Hughes

"You don't choose comedy, comedy chooses you"

Can there be a sustainable relationship between power and vulnerability? Let's find out. Meet comedian Zorba Jevon Hughes. He titled this episode for me so I'm giving him credit for that. He's been a comedian for 20 plus years. He's performed from New York to California with his thought provoking esoteric one liners. He is featured on Words from the Wise: Over 6,000 of the Smartest Things Ever Said https://u1lib.org/book/5287693/11eed7?dsource=recommend He'll be in the 2023 SF Sktechfest look him on Facebook, follow him on Instagram @Zorba_jevon 


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Zorba Jevon Hughes


20 plus year veteran Zorba Jevon Hughes was born and raised in Louisville Kentucky ( where teeth are optional) he's been a comedian 😳 since he was 15; studying comedy since he was child. Check him out on Words from the Wise: Over 6,000 of the Smartest Things Ever Said https://u1lib.org/book/5287693/11eed7?dsource=recommend