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June 22, 2022

#60 - Theater On A Budget

#60 - Theater On A Budget

So many worlds take place on one stage sums up the experience of going to a Monkey with a Hat 10 min play festival. I sit down with Jen McDonnell (Bird's Eye Books) and Phil McNassar (Primary Director of the sketch comedy troupe Escape Reality), both playwrights for the 2022 Phoenix themed festival year for an in depth chat on play writing during a pandemic. How did Jen and Phil bring to their plays to life while in a pandemic? Listen and find out. 

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Jen McDonnellProfile Photo

Jen McDonnell

Writer/ Editor / Actor

37-year-old Portland transplant and indie book editor who spends her spare time reading, writing, acting, and shooting pool. She most recently co-wrote a ten-minute play with Phil McNassar.

Phil McNassarProfile Photo

Phil McNassar

Teacher/Theater Artist

I was born and raised in inner NE Portland, the youngest of 6 siblings. I went to college in Wisconsin and studied theatre and sociology. I currently reside in Gresham, OR. By day, I teach literacy and learning skills to children and adults, and I moonlight as a community theater artist. I am a frequent collaborator in Monkey With a Hat On 10-Minute Play Festival, and. I am the primary director for Escape Reality comedy.