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September 17, 2020

#25 - James Quedado - Representation & Inclusion On A Budget

"There's no returning to the great BEFORE" The person who controls the narrative controls the world. Co-Director James Quedado of Chinx is a short film that explores racism in the app hook up culture within the LGBT+ communi...

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May 02, 2020

#14 - Monique H. - Race & Recovery on a Budget

Race & Recovery on a budget. Monique and I have a candid convo on the recovery process while being a person of color in our recovery community. How we can be of service to other POCs (Persons of Color) as a resource that reco...

RecoverySpaces BIPOCExperience

November 17, 2019

#09 - Sammy Harvell - Gender Reassignment on a Budget

Meet Sammy. He went through gender reassignment on a budget in 2010. We talk about recovery and his transition experience while in recovery. From that experience to then create safe places and recovery resources for the trans...

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