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September 10, 2020

#24 - Jessica Irwin - Life Hacks From A Military Wife

"Don't think about the next bridge until you cross the bridge you are on FIRST!" Self Care, Activism, Home Life. Fellow Kappa Delta sister, Jessica Irwin shares how military home life is applicable to living during a pandemic...


August 20, 2020

#20 - Activism On A Budget - Gina Rivera

How does one be an Activist in both your personal and professional life while on a budget? Let's Find Out. My guest Gina Rivera is a Bi-Lingual Care Navigator for the Shanti Project in San Francisco, CA. You can follow Gina R...


July 31, 2020

#17 - Carlos Babcock - Scam Jose, CA

San Jose, CA isn't exactly known as a public transportation friendly city. Meet Carlos Babcock. He has lived without a car since 2003. We talk about how pandemics can start to shift the paradigm in accepting better transporta...