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June 22, 2022

#60 - Theater On A Budget

So many worlds take place on one stage sums up the experience of going to a Monkey with a Hat 10 min play festival. I sit down with Jen McDonnell (Bird's Eye Books) and Phil McNassar (Primary Director of the sketch comedy tro...

Playfestival Portland Oregon Monkey With A Hat On

October 14, 2021

#53 - Chris Kemper - Door Dashing While On A Budget

"You're getting a front row seat to humanity" Chris Kemper is not the person to be racist with. After a recent physical assault while Door Dashing during this pandemic, Chris received several racists DMs assuming that his att...

Portland Oregon

September 06, 2020

#23 - Nathan Williams - Saving the Clinton Street Theater

"It instantly became home to me" Nathan Williams is an Actor and Activist on a mission to save the Clinton Street Theater, the last of the Art House Theaters on the West Coast. Don't let a pandemic stop a community's access ...

Portland Oregon