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February 26, 2022

#59 Solo On A Budget - Peter McGraw

Peter McGraw (host of Solo: The Podcast - The Single Person's Guide To A Remarkable Life) and I have an in depth discussion being single people. We breakdown the singleness stigma and challenge the singleness narrative into a...


December 24, 2021

#55 - Single Bells - Jessica Varma

Two single women of color in recovery talk about the realness of being single during the holiday season. Por*Ass Podcast Theme Song by Inappropriate Things www.veecomedy.com @porasspodcast - Instagram & Twitter Venmo: @BMERec...


September 16, 2021

#51 - Vasectomy On A Budget

"This is a really cool club to be a part of" Following the recent Texas SB8 near ban abortion law, I was inspired to do an episode on vasectomies. Meet my guests Josh Cole and Patrick from Chicago both have had vasectomies an...


August 31, 2020

Bonus Stuff - Ep02 - Sovereign As F@&k

Welcome to Season 3! This bonus episode is on Recovery on a Budget and Shout to Dean and Nora for supporting the Podcast! Are you a young adult bothered by someone's drinking? Here are 12 step Recovery Resources for the Frie...