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May 18, 2023

#66 - Nina G. - Stutterer Interrupted

"Growth doesn't happen when things are going well" Nina G. (Stutterer Interrupted: The Comedian Who Almost Didn't Happen & Bay Area Stand-Up Comedy: A Humorous History) returns to the pod to promote her new comedy album and w...

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February 13, 2022

#58 - Bay Area Stand-Up Comedy A Humorous History

During the Covid-19 pandemic, two friends in comedy, Nina G. & OJ Patterson, joined forces to celebrate both their love of stand-up comedy to write Bay Area Stand-Up Comedy: A Humorous History (published by The History Press)...


January 27, 2022

#57 - Black Thot On A Budget - Zorba Jevon Hughes

"You don't choose comedy, comedy chooses you" Can there be a sustainable relationship between power and vulnerability? Let's find out. Meet comedian Zorba Jevon Hughes. He titled this episode for me so I'm giving him credit f...


January 20, 2022

#56 - Happy New Year - Joe Klocek

What happens when headliners become "too famous" and lose connection to the audience that got them famous in the first place? Joe Klocek has some great stories to kick off the new year to not become that cautionary tale. Stay...


December 16, 2021

#54 - Lisa Geduldig - Kung Pao Kosher Comedy

“What are Jews supposed to do on Christmas?” Kung Pao Kosher Comedy is an institution in San Francisco and one of the city’s longest running comedy shows. Kung Pao is the brainchild of San Francisco-based Jewish comedian, Lis...


July 08, 2021

#44 - Joy On A Budget - Grant Lyon

"It cost money when you don't face your trauma" Fellow comedian Grant Lyon (Comedy Central, Amazon Prime feature Killer Kate) talks about getting in touch with your joy even in the face of hardship and challenges. He also cre...


July 01, 2021

#43 - Donuts on a Budget - Baruch Porras-Hernandez

Baruch Porras-Hernandez is a comedian, artist, and poet. A fan of donuts. Author of Lovers of the Deep Fried Circle and I Miss You Delicate . We both share the same last name and we try to figure out if were actually related....


June 24, 2021

#42 - Wes Hofmann - Baseball Culture on a Budget

This is how I'm socializing now. Wes tells a story of how he used LinkedIn to get a second opinion on his heart condition. The joys of navigating medical bureaucracy and Wes gives me a lesson on baseball culture. Follow Wes o...


June 09, 2021

#41 - Gentleman on a Budget - Greg Asdourian

How do you stay as a gentleman in the face of rumor and gossip? Film maker, Comedian, Father, and Covid survivor Greg Asdourian as some ideas. Gentleman Film Indiegogo Campaign https://igg.me/at/gentlemanfilm Click here to d...


January 15, 2021

#37 - David Studebaker - Publishing On A Budget

People do judge a book by a cover so get a friend who can do graphic design. My guest David Studebaker host of "Pivot on the Street" and "David's Ark" shares how he published his book "Lone Star Lance" while on a budget. Chec...


December 31, 2020

#36 - Mean Dave - Recovery During the Holidaze

Comedian and fellow recovery friend, Mean Dave and I talk about the challenges of the holidays while being in recovery and for fun let's throw in a pandemic! Mean Dave Twitter & Instagram Busty Kraut movie where Mean Dave's ...

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December 17, 2020

#34 - Rajiv Satyal - Immigration On A Budget

Social Media, Immigration and Culture. Comedian Rajiv Satyal (Host of What Do You Bring To The Table?) and I talk about our family's immigration experiences how it relates to trauma, family's expectations, and personal healin...


November 19, 2020

#31 - Dan West - Resist On A Budget

"Your Interrogator doesn't need to tell you the truth" Dan West is a Veteran, Comedian and Author of Resist: A Civilian's Guide to Interrogation. Dan West provides straight forward sound advice to educate the people on their ...


November 12, 2020

#30 - Steve Lee - Disability on a Budget

"I can finally have a voice of my own" Steve Lee is a Chinese American comedian, writer, and director. His impactful short film "Dad I Love You" was submitted for the 2020 Easter Seals Disability Film Challenge. Produced and...


October 11, 2020

#26 - Dan Wilson - Pandemic Patio

"I'm not afraid to show the cracks in my armor" Comedian, musician, and Troll destroyer. Dan and I talk about getting to the root of personal trauma. Get tissues if you need to cry and/or a punching bag if you need to work ou...

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