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December 25, 2020

#35 - The Family Of Choice

Transitioning is more that just a sex change... Welcome to the 1st Por*Ass Podcast Holiday Round Table with Knave Murdock, Mallorie, and Bria. We deep dive into the subject of Transgender Narratives in Graphic Novels and the...

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November 26, 2020

#32 - Knave Murdock - Transcat

"Transcat really touched a nerve with people" Knave Murdock is active in the Queer Comic Community and author of the graphic novel Transcat, who is a transgender Superhero. A series of tweets and a hateful manifesto from aut...


November 17, 2019

#09 - Sammy Harvell - Gender Reassignment on a Budget

Meet Sammy. He went through gender reassignment on a budget in 2010. We talk about recovery and his transition experience while in recovery. From that experience to then create safe places and recovery resources for the trans...

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