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June 05, 2023

Adult Autism Series Trailer - Series Kick Off Thursday June 14th, 2023

“That’s how I found out that I was on the spectrum!…” Series Kick Off Thursday June 14, 2023 I was recently diagnosed with Autism in July 2022 while I was employed at PRX Media. I’m no longer at that company I was let go in J...

June 01, 2023

#67 - Megan Hunt - Career Pivot On A Budget

Recorded on August 22nd, 2021 Let's get vulnerable about Career Pivots, Content Pivots and how personal finances play a part in your pivots when it comes to your livelihood. Guest: Megan Hunt (Co-Host of Woo As Fuck Podcast )...

May 18, 2023

#66 - Nina G. - Stutterer Interrupted

"Growth doesn't happen when things are going well" Nina G. (Stutterer Interrupted: The Comedian Who Almost Didn't Happen & Bay Area Stand-Up Comedy: A Humorous History) returns to the pod to promote her new comedy album and w...

Stutteringcomedian StandUpComedy DisabilityExperience MentalHealth

May 11, 2023

#65 - Timothy Morigeau - Game Development On A Budget

Recorded on March 7, 2022 How do you maintain authenticity, diversity, equity, and inclusion while you are creating a brand new game franchise? Producer Timothy Morigeau of Star Empress Trine has some thoughts on this. Follow...

LGBT+ VideoGames

April 27, 2023

#64 - Kristee Ono - Burrito On A Budget

Originally Recorded on April 24th, 2022 How did Burritos have an impact on Kristee's recovery journey? Listen and find out... Kristee Ono is a San Francisco Bay Area Comedian and the host of Into the Fold on CrossCurrents . A...

Alcoholism RecoverySpaces Relationships MentalHealth

March 02, 2023

#63 - Eddie Brill - Diet On A Budget

Comedian Eddie Brill & I talk about when good healthy eating turns into a diet scam. Trigger Warning: subjects of body image, food issues come up. If it becomes too much please take a break Por*Ass Podcast Theme Song by Inapp...

February 23, 2023

#62 - Mario Montez - Second Chance On A Budget

"I didn't realize my heart was changing..." Death & Breakups while being Sober? Can it be done? Comedian Mario Montez has some thoughts on the subject. You can follow Mario on IG @mariothebutcher.com and on his website www.co...


December 22, 2022

#61 - Challenging Narratives While on a Budget - Athyn Ritter

How do you challenge narratives on how marginalized communities are portrayed by dominant cultures? Can it be done? Let's find out. Guest: Athyn Ritter - San Francisco Bay Area Film Maker and Director of Throw The Ball and ...


June 22, 2022

#60 - Theater On A Budget

So many worlds take place on one stage sums up the experience of going to a Monkey with a Hat 10 min play festival. I sit down with Jen McDonnell (Bird's Eye Books) and Phil McNassar (Primary Director of the sketch comedy tro...

Playfestival Portland Oregon Monkey With A Hat On

February 26, 2022

#59 Solo On A Budget - Peter McGraw

Peter McGraw (host of Solo: The Podcast - The Single Person's Guide To A Remarkable Life) and I have an in depth discussion being single people. We breakdown the singleness stigma and challenge the singleness narrative into a...


February 13, 2022

#58 - Bay Area Stand-Up Comedy A Humorous History

During the Covid-19 pandemic, two friends in comedy, Nina G. & OJ Patterson, joined forces to celebrate both their love of stand-up comedy to write Bay Area Stand-Up Comedy: A Humorous History (published by The History Press)...


January 27, 2022

#57 - Black Thot On A Budget - Zorba Jevon Hughes

"You don't choose comedy, comedy chooses you" Can there be a sustainable relationship between power and vulnerability? Let's find out. Meet comedian Zorba Jevon Hughes. He titled this episode for me so I'm giving him credit f...


January 20, 2022

#56 - Happy New Year - Joe Klocek

What happens when headliners become "too famous" and lose connection to the audience that got them famous in the first place? Joe Klocek has some great stories to kick off the new year to not become that cautionary tale. Stay...


December 24, 2021

#55 - Single Bells - Jessica Varma

Two single women of color in recovery talk about the realness of being single during the holiday season. Por*Ass Podcast Theme Song by Inappropriate Things www.veecomedy.com @porasspodcast - Instagram & Twitter Venmo: @BMERec...


December 16, 2021

#54 - Lisa Geduldig - Kung Pao Kosher Comedy

“What are Jews supposed to do on Christmas?” Kung Pao Kosher Comedy is an institution in San Francisco and one of the city’s longest running comedy shows. Kung Pao is the brainchild of San Francisco-based Jewish comedian, Lis...


October 14, 2021

#53 - Chris Kemper - Door Dashing While On A Budget

"You're getting a front row seat to humanity" Chris Kemper is not the person to be racist with. After a recent physical assault while Door Dashing during this pandemic, Chris received several racists DMs assuming that his att...

Portland Oregon

October 01, 2021

#52 - Loren Kraut - Giraffe Corner

Meet Loren Kraut who is a writer and comedian from San Francisco, CA. Her YouTube video series, Giraffe Corner , tackles giraffe therapy and is not intended for children. We talk about finding mental health resources during ...


September 16, 2021

#51 - Vasectomy On A Budget

"This is a really cool club to be a part of" Following the recent Texas SB8 near ban abortion law, I was inspired to do an episode on vasectomies. Meet my guests Josh Cole and Patrick from Chicago both have had vasectomies an...


September 09, 2021

#50 - Vanz Roliz - Emotional Boundaries While on a Budget

my guest Vanz and I talk about communicating emotional boundaries and how it connects to sexual orientation or gender expression? I talk about my experiences being demisexual and Vanz with her experiences being Non Binary. Pl...


August 30, 2021

#49 - Shaan Sharma - Holding Space for the Opposition

How do you advocate for systematic changes in a voluntary organization when facing difficult personalities, Status Quo Leadership, lip service, bureaucracy, and red tape? How do you filter out the background noise and focus o...


August 13, 2021

#48 - Smile On A Budget - Seth Eliot Santoro

Seth Eliot Santoro , CEC is a Healer and Smileologist. Seth’s vision is to inspire the world to smile and therefore heal from the inside. FB Page: www.facebook.com/iamsetheliot/ FB Personal: www.facebook.com/sethesantoro Inst...


August 05, 2021

#47 - Family Secrets On A Budget - Melissa Page

"You just don't know what's going on behind closed doors" Melissa and I have a candid convo on how insidious Family Secrets can play out in our adult lives. Check out Melissa's Page Park Travel for all your travel needs. Por*...


July 29, 2021

#46 - A Couple in Quarantine - Cory & Milan

"There's no point in trying to argue with someone who's set on being stupid" Cory Robinson is a comedian , actor, and podcaster (Co-Host of Showtime & Kev ). Milan Bond is his girlfriend who works in Luxury Hospitality. How a...


July 17, 2021

Por*Ass Podcast Trailer

Can we live abundantly while on a budget? Let’s find out… www.VeeComedy.com Instagram & Twitter @porasspodcast --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/porasspodcast/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/po...