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August 31, 2020

Bonus Stuff - Ep02 - Sovereign As F@&k

Welcome to Season 3! This bonus episode is on Recovery on a Budget and Shout to Dean and Nora for supporting the Podcast! Are you a young adult bothered by someone's drinking? Here are 12 step Recovery Resources for the Frie...


August 27, 2020

#21 - Sam Wilcke - All The Feels on a Budget

It's OK to create a relationship with your feelings. Sam Wilcke from You Tube Channel Wellbeing Thunderstorm visits the podcast to talk about his own emotional health, healing from trauma and living abundantly on an emotional...


August 20, 2020

#20 - Activism On A Budget - Gina Rivera

How does one be an Activist in both your personal and professional life while on a budget? Let's Find Out. My guest Gina Rivera is a Bi-Lingual Care Navigator for the Shanti Project in San Francisco, CA. You can follow Gina R...


August 16, 2020

Bonus Stuff - Ep01 - Accepting Money During Hard Times

Little side episodes of me sharing into the Podcast Universe. When things bug me, I have a tendency to keep it inside. So I'm trying a new thing and actually record my thoughts and start publishing them on what I learned, how...

August 13, 2020

#19 - Cody Woods - Comedy During A Pandemic

"Nothing sadder than a grown man with Dreams" My guest Cody Woods has appeared on Hulu, Season 3 of Comedy Central’s Hart of the City, The Comedy Shaq Network, as well as the Emmy nominated show, Mind Field. Cody helps to an...


August 06, 2020

#18 - Frank King - Suicide Super Powers

Content Warning! - Frank and I deep dive into the subject matter of suicide. If you feel triggered, take a break, call a friend, decompress. These aren't easy subjects to talk about, but it helps and these are important conve...


July 31, 2020

#17 - Carlos Babcock - Scam Jose, CA

San Jose, CA isn't exactly known as a public transportation friendly city. Meet Carlos Babcock. He has lived without a car since 2003. We talk about how pandemics can start to shift the paradigm in accepting better transporta...


July 12, 2020

#16 - Pandemic on a Budget Part 2

Part 2 of Pandemic on a Budget Isaac and I continue our discussion of Pandemic on a Budget. The Worker & the CEO relationship, Pandemic & Politics, The Perfect Virus, Coming to Work Sick & your Companies Sick Leave Policy, Th...


July 06, 2020

#15 - Pandemic on a Budget Part 1

CEO and Founder of Solarcycle Power Isaac Porras and I talk about how Supply Chains, Office Life, Awakening Innovation and other sustainable topics that are affecting us during this Pandemic. Pandemic on a Budget let's talk a...


May 02, 2020

#14 - Monique H. - Race & Recovery on a Budget

Race & Recovery on a budget. Monique and I have a candid convo on the recovery process while being a person of color in our recovery community. How we can be of service to other POCs (Persons of Color) as a resource that reco...

RecoverySpaces BIPOCExperience

April 27, 2020

#13 - Mary Ladd - Cancer on A Budget

Recorded in December 2019. Cancer, Recovery, Maintaining the Creativity Spirit when facing possible death in the face. Mary Ladd tells it like it is when it comes to Cancer on a Budget and you'll get to hear an amazing Antho...

April 20, 2020

#12 - Jennifer Hollywood - Horror Films on a Budget

Recorded in December 2019 I sit with Jennifer Hollywood the Horror QUEEN! We talk about Horror films on a budget and their impact on us. Intro music Fans of Jimmy Century www.veecomedy.com @porasspodcast - Instagram & Twitt...

December 31, 2019

#10 - Kaydee Kersten - Creativity On a Budget

Creativity On a Budget. Kaydee Kersten and I first met at the San Francisco Comedy College about ten years ago. We recap on the last ten years on her creative path and where it has taken her in both personally and professiona...

December 31, 2019

#11 - Inappropriate Things - Mental Health On a Budget

I sit with Nick Mecir and Rob Maile founding members of Inappropriate Things. Things get real as we deep dive on how Nick healed from a psychotic break in 2016. The band also debuts a new song, Casandra. Intro/Entro Song Trai...

November 17, 2019

#09 - Sammy Harvell - Gender Reassignment on a Budget

Meet Sammy. He went through gender reassignment on a budget in 2010. We talk about recovery and his transition experience while in recovery. From that experience to then create safe places and recovery resources for the trans...

TransExperience LGBT+ BIPOCExperience

October 01, 2019

#08 - Carlos Rodriguez - Comedy & Recovery

Carlos Rodriguez and I meet up in Downtown Portland at Blue Star Donuts to catch up on what we've been up to. It's been 10 years since we last saw each other and A LOT has happened since. Apologies for the faint background mu...


September 01, 2019

#07 - Kazu Kusano - Pretty Beast

Intro music Fans of Jimmy Century Special guest & friend in Comedy, Kazu Kusano talks about her one woman show Pretty Beast. A show about her schizophrenic mom and alcoholic dad where comedy becomes her only outlet...but no ...


August 18, 2019

#06 - Joe Klocek - Rehab On a Budget

This episode topic: Rehab on a Budget. It’s been 4 years since we last spoke. We got to catch up on stuff. A Big thank you to the Shari Carlson Studio for the use of the studio to record this episode. Follow Joe on Instagram ...

Alcoholism RecoverySpaces

July 31, 2019

#05 - Athyn Ritter - Film Making On a Budget

Bay Area Film Maker Athyn Ritter Director of Throw The Ball and Run. We chat about Filmmaking on a budget and the freedom of being creative while in Recovery. www.veecomedy.com @porasspodcast - Instagram &Twitter @veronicap...


June 30, 2019

#04 - Enzo Lombard - Side Hustle

Enzo Lombard is an Artist, Performer, and Author of Louisiana Fairytales. We’ve been Facebook friends for over ten years, but we never met until I flew down to SF from PDX to interview him at his SF apartment the week before ...


June 24, 2019

#03 - Mark Roman - A Busker Story

Mark Roman is an Actor, Buskeer, Heroteer and Host of The Mark Roman Empire Also A Podcast. Mark and I talk about Creativity, the horrors of Capitalism and its relation to art, creativity and his adamant refusal to never step...


April 07, 2019

#02 - TJ Fortuna - Health & Fitness On A Budget

In 2010, It started out as just another personal trainer that I would meet weekly. During a breakup in 2011, the few joys at the time were training sessions with TJ and my 12 step recovery. He gave me the space I needed to cr...


April 01, 2019

#01 - Nina G. - Overcoming Inspiration

Nina G. is a comedian, professional speaker, storyteller, writer and educator. She brings her humor to help people confront and understand Disability culture, access, and empowerment. We met when we were students at San Franc...

Stutteringcomedian DisabilityExperience

March 01, 2019

#00 - Isaac Porras - Solarcycle

The pilot episode of PorAss Podcast. I interview my brother Isaac Porras. He's a scientist & inventor CEO Founder of SolarCycle. How is gentrification & capitalism effecting scientific & economic sustainability? Links: For yo...