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Rob Maile

Musician - Tenor Sax

Created out of the confluence of catharsis, inordinate amounts of caffeine, and unrestrained idealism, Inappropriate Things was formed in the Spring of 2018. With an eclectic group of members whose musical backgrounds range from jazz, indie-rock, ska/punk, and folk, Inappropriate Things incorporates elements from a variety of these styles; thus allowing them to transition from complex, thought provoking songs, to intense, frenetic music seamlessly. Seeing Inappropriate Things live guarantees an experience of laughter, reflection, dancing, and above all a great time. All of which makes seeing the band a truly unforgettable experience. Their latest record, “Laughing At…” demonstrates their intent to cross genres, push musical boundaries, and promote messages to aid in inspiring others to grow and heal.

December 31, 2019

#11 - Inappropriate Things - Mental Health On a Budget

I sit with Nick Mecir and Rob Maile founding members of Inappropriate Things. Things get real as we deep dive on how Nick healed from a psychotic break in 2016. The band also debuts a new song, Casandra. Intro/Entro Song Trai...