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Shaan Sharma

Actor / Educator / Union Leader / Writer

Shaan Sharma is a working actor, SAG-AFTRA union leader, acting educator, writer, and casting professional. Shaan is currently acting on the TV show "The Chosen" playing Shmuel (thechosen.tv), Founder of The Storytellers Conservatory, an on-camera acting studio (storytellersconservatory.com), a proud member of SOLIDARITY, a grassroots SAG-AFTRA education group (solidarity.us), and spent more than a decade working as a casting session director with over 45 of the top commercial casting directors in Los Angeles. Shaan is also the author of the book and audiobook, “Commercial Acting in LA: A Session Director’s Guide.”

August 30, 2021

#49 - Shaan Sharma - Holding Space for the Opposition

How do you advocate for systematic changes in a voluntary organization when facing difficult personalities, Status Quo Leadership, lip service, bureaucracy, and red tape? How do you filter out the background noise and focus o...