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Relevant, interesting, with Variety

This podcast gives great tips and tricks on how to do things on a budget, while covering a wide range of interesting and relevant topics!

Amazing podcast! Vee keeps everything so real!!

Veronica, you really know how to rock it on a budget and so much more!! Great interviews / content, life, drama, riveting, hot and truly important topics! I’d recommend this show to everyone!

Great format, never the same

Not only a technically sound podcast (makes a big difference) but the theme of sustainability goes to a bunch of unexpected places. Its a great background listen as well, and Porras' comedy chops come in handy in terms of a lively pace. '

V is the best!

Great take on different aspects of life! Love that she talks about budgets that are not just money but what you give in every part of life.

Great vibes with guests

Veronica is great with any topic and any guest.

Interesting Prople, Fascinating Interviews

Highly recommend! Favorite episode (so far) is the one with Joe Clocek.

Interesting guests; great interviewer

Hear Veronica interview comedians, authors, musicians, and other creatives and learn more about how and why they do what they do.

Great interviews and lots of fun!

Veronica is insightful and funny making the podcast a joy to listen to. Always a great pick of of interesting guests!